Less is more; Ligthness and happiness.
Since my stay at Engelsholm Folk Highschool and my education as a textile designer at Kolding School of Design I have been devoted to expressionistic painting in oil, later in mixed medias and acrylic. At the beginning of my career my paintings were big, abstract and very intense, emotionally. Since then I have developed a simpler and lighter style. The woman figure is still my inspiration as a woman as well as a mother.

My working method is characterized by an intuitive, emotional and passionate approach to the painting. The constantly diverse interaction between colours and shapes is the beginning of a process in which the final impression consists of all the energy, emotions and experience I have gained during the years.

Authentic, spontaneous, dynamic; happiness and creative power Ė thatís me and thatís what you find in my paintings.

Janne Wollesen
October 2012

Please feel free to visit my new website as well under www.kustart20.dk